For years and years I, Annabelle, have been in love with candles. The way the wax melts, the way the flame lights and the way melted wax feels on your skin. I just love everything about it. Next to this, I love the human body in every shape. I think it's very fascinating how unique every one of us is. Why not combine these two? I have a crush on both candles and body shapes and that's how CANDLE CRUSH was born.


I gathered a some fellow candle lovers and together we started experienting. Hours and hours of melting and pouring went in to this collection. Also, we wanted to be unique. That's why we added a special ingredient to make the burning experience even more exciting. When you burn the candle, the wax will melt and glitter will appear. This makes it hard to keep your eyes off the candle! We can look at it for hours. 


Please note that this small woman owned business started from passion and love in The Netherlands. We are professionals but please don't compare us or our candles to the major businesses in the industry. Because of this, no candle is perfect and every candle is unique, just like us humans.


Being a small business, we are able to be very flexible. If you have a special request, we are always willing to see what we can do for you. 


Enjoy your candle and feel free to give feedback! For a small business like CANDLE CRUSH, reviews and happy customers are very important.




Annabelle and Team